Please peruse our cancellation and refund policies to ensure no disappointment or false conclusions during your order.


Kindly note that customers are permitted to cancel their shipments only before it leaves our warehouse. We do not permit customers to cancel their orders once their shipment leaves our warehouse and the delivery process begins.

If the shipment is not required anymore or there are any issues faced with the products, the refund and return policies may be used. We believe in providing the best services for our clients and wish to provide quick redressal for all issues.


Once the order reaches the customer, they are free to request a replacement in case of any issues. These issues may be in the nature of:

  • Incorrect quantities
  • Manufacturing defects

We request you to detail the exact reason for requesting your replacement. This is to help us improve our services and prevent the issue from recurring. You can expect a delivery executive to arrive at your doorstep to collect the incorrect product and deliver the replacement within five to seven working days.

The replacement product(s) will be delivered at the same time as collecting the previous one(s). In case of any additional payments, you can expect the amount to be credited or debited within a week of delivery.

Return and Refund

Suppose the product(s) is not as you expected them to be or you simply don’t require them anymore, we offer refund policies.

The procedure is simple to make it effective and quick for our customers.

Step 1 – You can exchange the product for a new one if you are unsatisfied with the current one. This offer always stands after delivery.

Step 2 – The refund process will be complete in five to seven working days in case you don’t wish to avail of a replacement.

Step 3 – The delivery charges and additional discounts cannot be refunded. Only the product cost will be refunded in full.